Huber Needle

Huber needle is a type of a non-coring needle. This type of needle has a lot of advantages unlike other type of needles. The design of this Huber needle has been made with the users and their needs kept as the main motive. This type of needle is patient friendly and can even be used easily specially while using safestep Huber needle. The safety mode of the needle has an audible click which can be heard clearly to understand that it is locked while activating. Keeping the comfort of the patients in mind they have come up with lubricated Huber needle which does not hurt the patient during Huber needle insertion or even while taking it out. These needles help to increase patient’s comfort level during long hours of infusion. There are ridges at the bottom of the plate which helps the skin to breathe which in turn improves patient’s comfort level.

Huber needle sizes do vary. An 8” micro bore tubing and an 11” micro bore tubing is pretty much the same. A needle gauge which is of 19 size and of a needle length of 34” are brown in color irrespective of whether it is 8” micro bore or 11” micro bore. A 34” length needle may also have a needle gauge of about 20” or 22” but the former is yellow in color while the latter is black in color. Huber needle hence from the above description can be of various sizes and colors.

What is the difference between Huber needle and other common needle?

  • Normal common needles are called coring needles and Huber needles are called non – coring needles.
  • When regular needles are injected through rubber it will core that is some amount of the rubber will be the core of needle and hence there will be a hole in the rubber causing leaking. The non – coring needles will not have a hole or core and hence used for devices which are implanted like portacath.

  • If these needles are used while injecting a person and would core daily or on a regular basis then it would leak which would then mean that it cannot be used for infusions in the central vein.

A butterfly needle is used to take blood samples from wrist area. It has short needle along with a short diameter attached to the thin and flexible tube like thing. This needle has two wings of rubber. It is because of this that it is called butterfly needle.